Friday, May 14, 2010

Hi girls! Wow mommy is now in her 3rd trimester. It seems to be going by quick, but then again me and your dad cant wait for you girls to get here. So it is going by slow in that sense. Mom has had some peace and quiet around here lately not really having a lot of appointments lately and that has been nice (but still 1 a week)
But.. starting next week mom has to start going to appointments 2-3 times a week until I deliver you girls. Once mom hits the 28 week mark the doctors start to get anxious and want to check on you girls all the time. I will be having NST tests done/ultrasounds and of course my regular checkups.
I am very glad that they are taking care of you girls, and will do whatever needs to be done so that you girls get here safely.
You girls have been moving around a lot and I am very glad that you both have a lot of room in there (which is what I was told at your last ultrasound) where one of you now is breech and the other is normal.)
At our last ultrasound which was 1 week ago, you both were 1lb15oz so just about 2 lbs. You both were so sweet looking and were moving around and showing off for grandpa who also attended the ultrasound with me. It was his very first ultrasound, he was so excited and felt so blessed to be able to see you both. You could definitely tell that he really enjoyed himself. Our next ultrasound your grandma and daddy will be going. It will be fun since daddy hasn't seen you for awhile. Just a few more months and we will be holding you both in our arms.
Next week some of mom and dads friends are throwing you girls a shower to honor the blessings that God has given us. It will be so much fun getting together with friends and family and celebrating you girls.
Just know that you both are so very special to us, and we are so blessed with how well you girls are doing in the womb. This pregnancy has been pretty much excellent (mom had 1 scare at 20 weeks,) but besides that smooth sailing. Just keep doing what you doing and we will meet you girls soon enough.
Love you both so very much

Friday, April 23, 2010

Time is flying by!

24 weeks and 2 days. Wow time is flying by! My last appointment was on Wednesday with my regular doctor. I heard the babies heartbeats and they are excellent. It is so great to know that my girls are doing so well. I was even congratulated for doing such a good job keeping them in a safe environment.
They now kick everyday (cant really tell who is who) but is nice to know that they are doing well in there. Daddy (Gregg) felt his little girls kick for the first time last night. They have been kicking up a storm, but for some reason he always misses it. You can even sometimes see my stomach move because they kick so hard.
I have been fortunate in the past few days, to be able to sleep better. Some days are better than others, but last night I was able to sleep through the whole night and I feel excellent. The babies are the most active at nighttime around 7 and on. Which makes it easier for Gregg to be able to feel them when he gets home from work.
My next ultrasound is in 2 weeks and my dad (and Gregg of course) will be coming with me. It will be his (my dad's) first time at an ultrasound, and I cant wait for him to see the girls. He is excited about going, and its going to be an adventure. Until then the girls are growing and growing (2 weeks ago they were 1lb and 1lb 1oz, so Im sure they are a lot bigger now, they have been averaging about 2 oz a week, so I'm sure they are 1.5 each now.
My back pain has now pretty much gone away, and everyday is full of new surprises, but not anything that I cant handle.
The weeks are fast approaching, and we cant wait to meet our 2 princesses. :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hi babies!!!

Went to my 2nd level ultrasound yesterday to see my girls! They are just beautiful, they have grown so much. Now weighing 1 lb and 1 lb 1oz. They were moving and kicking around the whole ultrasound yesterday (funny since I can barely feel baby "b".) But I guess they explained to me that she is behind baby A, so its harder to feel her.

My tummy is now getting really big, and Gregg daily says how cute and beautiful I am. :) I am very lucky to have such a wonderful and loving husband, because all I feel is a HUGE stomach. Haha!! But I am glad that its only my stomach that has gotten big. I do have now over 2lbs of babies in there.
This is just becoming more and more exciting, I am 22w3d now, and the day where our little princesses will arrive is inching closer and close. It is still far but yet so close.
Last weekend we went and paid for there cribs and dresser, so they will be delivered in the next week, and will be set up. Next on to painting there room. Wow who knew having twins could be so much work? :)
God has truly blessed us, and even though I am still on "take it easy" rest due to my low lying placenta. This is all worth it in the end. God has truly blessed us, and everyday I thank him for giving us our little blessings!!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

feelings into words

I think its times to finally put my feelings into words about what has happened this past week.
I was scared to death, and actually haven't even been able to talk about it, and have been holding it inside for days and days.
Last Wednesday I had random unexplained bright red blood and clots after I used the restroom. I went straight to the ER where it had stopped by the time that I arrived. Actually it stopped just as fast as it started.
At the ER (labor and delivery) they hooked me up to machines, and contraction machines, and couldn't find out a reason for any of it. My mother frantically rushed down here and was here along with Gregg.
I was sent home with a scheduled ultrasound the very next day (thursday) at my specialist for a high tech ultrasound (which is like an mri of the uterus) that's how high tech it is. Well.... I went and again they said if I would have not told them that I had bleeding and clots they would never have known because all is normal with my babies and with me.
When it comes to my feeling I like to hold in a lot of my fears and emotions. That is why it has taken days for me to even tell very many people. I don't know why I had random bleeding, and probably will never know. Everything looks fine via ultrasound, doppler and everything else
Many people (of the few that knew) were and have been praying for me, and so I am going to write this one down as another miracle of God, since my human brain doesn't know anything different.
Here we are 1 week later and I have not had 1 drop of blood more, and we are fast approaching 21 weeks (as of tomorrow.) I have now been put on very light rest (not to fullest extent of bed rest, but on every other kind of rest you can imagine.)Please continue to keep my girls in your prayers, and for a full term delivery. I think by the time this pregnancy is over I might have no energy left. But.. as long as both of my girls are healthy I could care less

Saturday, March 20, 2010


So..yesterday I ended up going to the ER. I was having pressure in my lower stomach that had started thursday night. My doctor told me to head over to the ER so I did. I hate going to the ER because time always stops there. Anyways, after 4 hours there and blood tests, urine tests and an ultrasound. The conclusion to me pain was "we dont know". UGH so annoying!!

So..the babies both look good on the ultrasound, my cervix is closed and I have no bleeding. Its annoying since I still have the pain and a stomachache, but I am chalking it up for now as a twin pregnancy and growing pains. I am set to see the specialist next thursday, so I will just hve to wait until then to see if they say anything different which I doubt they will (so please pray for me and the girls.)

They measured last night on the ultrasound 10 and 11 ounces (a lot biggger than just 1 week ago), its crazy how fast they grow.
I have now been put on "bedrest" but not to the fullest extent, I can walk around my house but am not able to go anywhere. Bummer! But I will do anything for these girls.

Gregg is now Mr.Mom. Cooking dinner, running to the grocery store. Cleaning the house, at least he is willing to help out. :) On a side note, I had a weird dream last night that when the babies were born that they came our boys! Haha!!! Very weird since they have been confirmed girls 4x now. Anyways thats whats going on in my world.
Have a great Saturday!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This moment could last forever!

I saw my girls today!!!! It was so spectacular. It was 2 hours of pure joy!!!!! They are doing very well, and are perfect. They measured all of there fluids, and there is no sign of twin to twin transfusion. They are both measuring the same. 7 inches long, and there sizes are 7 ounces and 8 ounces. Yes still so very small, but they have grown from 2 1/2 inches at 12 weeks to 7 inches at 18 weeks. They have now flipped and instead of being one on top of my belly button and one on bottom, now there is one girl on each side of my stomach. Silly little girls! They were snuggling up to each other (membrane dividing them), but still they are little cuddle bugs.
We are so in love. They are just gorgeous!! We were able to see both of there profiles, and from the looks of it they have the "Mastny" (my moms side) nose (which is small just like mine.) Yay!!!!! They are so teeny there bone structure is so small and they are just the cutest little babies.
Thank you all for praying it couldn't have been better with the girls!! They also confirmed today 100% that they are in fact 2 little girls (so the gender bump theory worked for us.) We will be seeing them every few weeks now since I am getting further along in my pregnancy. I can't believe that today is exactly half way. They will be here in no time considering how fast these first 18 weeks flew by!

I do have something called low lying placenta but they said there is nothing to worry about, and since it is still so early that they expect that to correct itself. That just has to do with whether I will have to have a c-section or a natural birth. But depending on how one of them is turned I might end up having to have a c-section anyways.
This pregnancy thus far has just been absolutely perfect, I couldn't have asked for more. God has been so good to us, and these girls are truly a testimony at how great of a God He is!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Can't wait to see you again!!!

Hello girls tomorrow is mommies 18 week ultrasound. I can't wait to see you two!!! This whole pregnancy has been so surreal. I have to keep reminding myself that I am even pregnant (as God has blessed me with no horrible symptoms). Your dad says that my tummy is getting bigger, but I don't see it.
Every once in awhile I will feel the weirdest little feelings in my tummy (but definitely NOT kicks.) Just a little feeling enough to make me smile.
You two are such a blessing to us, and me and your dad are beyond words excited to welcome you two into our family!!! God has surely blessed us, and your mommy and daddy already love you two so very much. Well I guess we will see you tomorrow! And soon enough we will be able to hold you both in our arms, something that we have waited for since the first day that we met. You both have been in our prayers since day 1 and remember that many many others are also praying for you two our identical blessings.
Love Mommy