Friday, May 14, 2010

Hi girls! Wow mommy is now in her 3rd trimester. It seems to be going by quick, but then again me and your dad cant wait for you girls to get here. So it is going by slow in that sense. Mom has had some peace and quiet around here lately not really having a lot of appointments lately and that has been nice (but still 1 a week)
But.. starting next week mom has to start going to appointments 2-3 times a week until I deliver you girls. Once mom hits the 28 week mark the doctors start to get anxious and want to check on you girls all the time. I will be having NST tests done/ultrasounds and of course my regular checkups.
I am very glad that they are taking care of you girls, and will do whatever needs to be done so that you girls get here safely.
You girls have been moving around a lot and I am very glad that you both have a lot of room in there (which is what I was told at your last ultrasound) where one of you now is breech and the other is normal.)
At our last ultrasound which was 1 week ago, you both were 1lb15oz so just about 2 lbs. You both were so sweet looking and were moving around and showing off for grandpa who also attended the ultrasound with me. It was his very first ultrasound, he was so excited and felt so blessed to be able to see you both. You could definitely tell that he really enjoyed himself. Our next ultrasound your grandma and daddy will be going. It will be fun since daddy hasn't seen you for awhile. Just a few more months and we will be holding you both in our arms.
Next week some of mom and dads friends are throwing you girls a shower to honor the blessings that God has given us. It will be so much fun getting together with friends and family and celebrating you girls.
Just know that you both are so very special to us, and we are so blessed with how well you girls are doing in the womb. This pregnancy has been pretty much excellent (mom had 1 scare at 20 weeks,) but besides that smooth sailing. Just keep doing what you doing and we will meet you girls soon enough.
Love you both so very much

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